Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just A Girl Photo Shoot Video

Hi all,

A few of my lady friends and I got together one sunny afternoon to collaborate on a fashion shoot. Behold! the making-of video. I came up with the concept of the 90's, which seems to be trending right now [specifically, the F/W 2013 plaid heavy Celine ads shot by Juergen Teller, one of my favorite photographers]. Our theme song? Just a Girl by No Doubt, modernized. Hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I did making it. I chose a medium resolution so that it would have that nostalgic analogue quality that is so 90's. 

Samantha Vaughn
Li Meng de Bakker  - check out her food blog Bakker's Bites

Inga Beckmann - website here


Here's a selection of images courtesy of Inga


Friday, 24 February 2012

"Haute Mess" Vogue Italia GIFs

In light of my recent foray into GIFs I stumbled upon these "Haute Mess" Vogue Italia promo GIFs which I think are just splendidly awesome. Photographed by Steven Meisel for their upcoming March issue, supermodels Coco Rocha, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Jessica Stam  and Guinevere van Seenus strike tongue-in-cheek poses all captured by the animated nature of these image files. High fashion with a sprinkling of vulgarity and a dash of the Jersey Shore [did you ever think those terms would be in the same sentence?] Enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

/ˈjeməˌnī/ Gemini Photo Shoot

gem·i·ni /ˈjeməˌnī/
The third sign of the Zodiac, which the sun enters May 21 - June 20
A northern constellation (the Twins), said to represent the mythological twins Castor and Pollux.
Characteristics: Positive. expressive, extrovert. Thought, intellect, ideas, interaction.
Element: Air.

Remember me? Fashion scribe extraordinaire?  I would apologise for my blogging hiatus if I thought more people had noticed. Let's just say I blame travelling [Cambodia!], Christmas, New Year's, and Game Of Thrones [I read all first 4 books in 2 months. I should probably keep that little tidbit to myself.]

Anyhoo, let me tell you about a most fantastical photo shoot I did recently. I collaborated with my [utterly photogenic] friend Li Meng for her amazing food blog,  Bakker's Bites 1 year anniversary. I would play the part of intrepid photographer, she the model, and we'd shoot across various locations in Hong Kong.  We agreed to shoot some photos with a food related theme, and some in a more whimsical fashion [clearly my idea was the latter, my inspiration being Tim Walker one of my favorite photographers.] Due to time [and budget] constraints, we had to be resourceful with accessories. So I chose a mask/ Gemini theme, along with some other quirky accessories.  The masks were a general comment on the duality of most people's nature, just like the star sign embodies: The civilised veneer of normality and poise of what we show most people often belies our true nature. So, which of these opposing photos shows the subject's true nature?  

I have to say, shooting guerrilla style all over my home city with just the two of us was giddy fun. Blissfully indifferent to the strange stares we got at times, we hauled fake lashes, food props, masks and balloons with us on our creative journey. And boy were those helium balloons fun to have after the shoot was over!

The dauntless food blogger goes forth

The classical myth is said to demonstrate the mutual reliance of conscious reasoning and unconscious belief to indicate "acute polarisation of the spiritual and material, alternation between the extremes of rational logic and instinctive belief, and the quest to reconcile all contradictions in a central threshold where reason and belief, intellect and emotion, masculinity and femininity, merge into one".Source: [Wikipedia]

Is that the hint of a smile on her lips?

This photo is dying for a cheeky quip on original sin.
 I briefly researched the greek mythology behind the Gemini Zodiac sign. For those interested [I literally lifted this from Wikipedia]:

The ancient Greek tale of the egg-born brothers Castor and Pollux, born to their mother Leda after she was seduced by Zeus in the guise of a swan. Their consummation, on the same night as Leda lay with her husband, Sparta's King Tyndareus resulted in the birth of immortal Pollux, who possessed great physical strength, and mortal Castor who possessed great ingenuity. Upon Castor's death Pollux begged Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together and they were transformed into the Gemini constellation.

...Juan Eduardo Cirlot also reports that the Gemini motif is essentially a symbol of opposites, inversions and alternating contradictions between life and death and positives and negatives. Cirlot points out that a study of the Gemini-myth in megalithic culture shows that it has two tendencies: "one white and the other black; one creates, the other destroys; both these characteristics are indicated by the arms of each of the Twins, which in landscape symbolism are identical with the river of youth and the river of death".[9]
They represent the months that join the seasons and signify a dualistic nature that is easily adaptable and can be one thing or another. For this reason the mutable signs are referred to as 'common' signs in traditional terminology.[7]

And I couldn't help throwing in a .gif:

Hope you like it!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Hello! Photoshoot blog coming soon....

Hello! I thought I'd break my blogging fast by announcing.....a forthcoming blog post. EXCITED?! Check out my awesome newly minted .gif making skills above. I had an amazing day conducting a photoshoot with a friend around Hong Kong: see above a taster. Balloons! Leaping! I promise it's not all as cheesy as this. Photos and details to come....


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Stuff I bought: Versace for H & M, D & G and faux animal skin

When it came to the Versace for H & M collection, I read the fashion blogosphere warnings of stampedes and long queues with trepidation. As a girl who values [and really needs] her beauty sleep I refused to get up at the advised 4 am start last Wednesday on the opening day. Needless to say, I was casually passing by H & M on Sunday, and couldn't suppress a moment of curiosity. Low and behold there were indeed a few Versace items left on the rack. "Totes amaze!" quothed I, hastily checking the garment sizes as my boyfriend looked on with a mixture of disinterest and judgement. He'd never seen me move so fast.

"I don't get it", he said as I, pupils dilated and heartbeat racing, flicked past the numerous pink fringe dresses that were clearly the runt of the collection. I ended up purrrrr-chasing a divine draped red dress that I had my eye on from the start but had given up hope of acquiring. A very Grecian drape meets slightly superhero-esque cape, with studs on the shoulder. The stretch jersey fabric gleefully betrayed its size EU 32 [UK 4], and, thankfully, it fit like a dream. Oh, and the gorgeous turquoise leopard-print garment bag and velvet hanger were the icing on the sartorial cake. I EXCITE. Just in time for the Christmas party season!

In other hedonistic news, I interrupted my furtive Christmas shopping with a present[s] for myself. Behold Tory Burch paraphernalia. Above: faux reptilian glossy shape shifter that works as a clutch or two different side bag configurations [note different places to attach strap]. Below, my new wallet and makeup bag. Yes, I may have a slight inclination for animal skin prints!

Above: I received word of a Dolce and Gabbana sample sale. Having heard the news that their diffusion line D & G was being closed down, I thought that this was justification enough to attend. Once again, news that was great for my wardrobe but not my wallet. Behold, more animal print. Sadly, no fitting was allowed [major sad face] so I avoided any complication and went with simple garments.

Hong Kong yields great bargain no-brand gems if one looks carefully [a task that I happily take upon myself. Fashion martyr, moi?] Above: a jacket by Korean fashion "house" 'The M and M' [in no way affiliated with the rapper or candy] is my current fav, perfect for the faux-winter that Hong Kong pathetically teases us with.

Above, magpie tendencies quickly satiated. Imagine my surprise when I notice Rachel Zoe, Hollywood stylist extraordinaire, wearing a very similar leopard ring. It turns out, my trinket was 'inspired' by the Panthere de Cartier Ring. The original is 18k yellow gold, Peridot (eyes), Onyx (nose) and Black Laquer (spots) and it's priced around USD $14,600. Nice.

To offset any bad karma from a fairly consumerist month and also to push for a cause I believe in, please do take 30 seconds to sign this petition to aid help for those affected by famine:

Fight the Famine - sign the petition to maintain Congress' commitment to funding farmers in developing countries:

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

If I were a Prince[ss] and not a Pauper + Bag supplier market recap

Michael by Michael Kors Jet Set Python Effect leather tote

Why hello Michael Kors Tote. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.  

I was perusing handbags on the other day [purely in a work capacity, natch]. As I was keeping an eye out for current trends and making sure bags that we had ordered weren't too 'inspired' by designer totes, I chanced upon a couple of exquisite pieces that I had to share [images from Net-a-Porter]. I'm always privy to a bit of snakeskin, but I do believe Michael Kors nailed it. I want. [Is that the sound of jingle bells and carols I hear?]  

I'm sure I've said this before, but in the world of fashion there is nothing that overlaps form and function quite so succinctly as a good bag. This may account for women's hysteria over certain it-bags and also accounts for their fairly high price points. Ergo my chagrin, and the title of the post alluding to my penury, the bane of my blogess and fashionista aspirations. 

Nancy Gonzalez Calf hair and crocodile ladylike tote

As you can see, I have a certain affinity for [preferably faux] animal print [a sign that I was a child of the eighties?]. When judging a good bag, size shares the bench with a host of other considerations. Weight. Longevity of design. Quality of material [I tend to prefer bags with minimal hardware and lining as these are often the first things to deteriorate].

I was in the bag supplier market in Guang Zhou the other week [just north of Hong Kong] with European buyers selecting ranges, and although women never seem to tire of new bags, we had to make sure not to overlap on too many design aspects. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun. Bag trends that I saw? A lot of faux ostrich fabric, long strap options on pretty much every handbag,  a few blatant knockoffs that we steered clear of, and generally a more minimalist boxy shape emerging. Oh, and heaps of animal skin. Mostly fake. Although I did see one supplier well-versed in crocodile skin: they even had a baby crocodile claw [paw?!] keyring. I was very tempted to buy it for a vegetarian friend [reason prevailed and I didn't]. Can't wait to see how the snakeskin print we selected turns out!
Kors by Michael Kors Python Pumps

And how can an outfit be complete without a showstopping shoe?

When it comes to accessories, ladies, more is more am I right? Or is that the tail of emotion and aesthetics wagging the dog of reason? All I know is, when Michael Kors started designing, wardrobes the world over gained an ally, and wallets an enemy.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

"Clothes are just a nice envelope, but it's more important, the letter, inside the envelope" - Carine Roitfeld

As the new stylist and face of Barneys New York, Carine Roitfeld shares some thoughts on fashion. Filmed by Mario Sorrenti.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rodarte [Cast]ing call: Models talk

How cute is this video? A film by Jennifer Venditti shows some of the biggest models answering the most quirky, trivial questions. Enjoy.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hong Kong Street Style: The Marmite of the fashion world

A hat floats amongst a sea of denim at a HK Fashion Week trend forecasting event. [This is before the Mexican Wave which was foisted upon us. Yes, Nic, foist IS a word.]

I've been seeing these rather quirky winged Jeremy Scott- esque flip flops around.

Layer of lace: I see these everywhere here. A purely aesthetic item that appears to have no function whatsoever except to look cute [the fashion equivalent of Chihuahuas]. Which is, of course, perfectly acceptable.

Behold: the Marmite of the fashion world [you either love it or hate it!], right up there with harem pants and empty glasses frames ["eye dresses" as I saw them once advertised]. Flatforms. Or in Prêt-à-Porter algebra: Flat + platforms. Sartorial troglodytes or eccentric footwear? I'm still on the fence about these but they are endemic to the Hong Kong fashionista. Like gladiator sandals or pleated cropped trousers, I'll need a bit more exposure to this before the late-adopter in me accepts them.

Loving the Aztec theme that's currently emerging from the catwalks to the sidewalks.